Thursday, 1 September 2011

Problem In A Relationship

May it be a husband wife relationship or sibling one, problems exists every where. But does that mean we should end the relationship and run out of it. No certainly not and this would be the answer of most of us in normal scenario. On the contrary when these situations prevail in our real life we tend to find our way out by running away from relationship even if the problem is with our parents, spouse, siblings or friends. We leave them and assume that the problem will be solved on its own. I personally don’t agree with it. Like non living things problems can not be solved on their own if you don’t discuss them and give them their due time to be solved. Running away in no solution to the problem in fact it will rather augment the problem.
Here are few relationship tips which you might want to try out:
  1. Stay in touch no matter how big the problem is.
  2. Try to find out the reason for the complaints of other person.
  3. Do not go into arguments as arguments will only worsen the problems.
  4. Find points you both agree on. Common grounds will give both people the feel that they are on the same side.
  5. Give each other a minute or two to speak out the problem without interrupting.
  6. Stay focused during discussions, do not go into other details which might bring up other disagreements.

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